Never let your people miss another

Memoboard helps you convert ordinary Slack messages to memos and tasks with automated follow-ups.

company update.

memo from HR.

team meeting.

group activity.


team lunch.

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How it works

Select Send as memo from a Slack message's menu.
Select Channels and team members .

Team members from the selected channels are automatically included as recipients. If you have extra recipients, you can include them in Other team members.

The memo is sent to channels and to each of their team members.

If a team member misses the memo, Memoboard will follow up automatically the next day with a reminder until the memo is read.

See the status of your memo.

You can check how many people have read your memo any time.

Know when everyone reads your memo.

Memoboard will send you a notification when everyone responds to your memo.




Per month

  • Unlimited  team members
  • Unlimited  tasks
  • Unlimited  memos
  • Email support
  • 14-days free trial included
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Can the app access public or private conversations in my Slack?

No. Since the app doesn't use Slack's conversations.history permission, it is impossible to access your public or private Slack conversations.

Memoboard can access only the message which you choose to send as memo or task.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Simply remove the app from your Slack workspace, the subscription will be cancelled automatically.